The Divine Peace

Chapter:1; Part-1


Curiosity leads to adversity. He has reminded this to himself for a zillion times and yet he couldn’t resist the urge to know more and more about the less and less. This story is about one of his quests that began with a mere curiosity and changed his entire life eventually. He was a young man of his late twenties living in Karachi, a coast city of Pakistan. Pakistan (Pa-kis-tan) is a Persian word that actually meant the land of pure, whereas the new meaning of this words were “The Land of Terrorism and Domestic Violence” or so was assumed by the majority of the world population that happened to be so poor that the only source of their information was television.

He was born in a low income family that was striving to continue an almost lost battle of saving their family values. Those were the inception days of the dark times. People had started to evaluate each other on the basis of their assets. His grandpa used to mutter that a lot “The only valued things are the land and the voracious people, the bigger the more valued. One mustn’t value things over relations, for things can be regained but the relationships if gone once, would never come back. And even if they do, the time would leave such drastic scars on their faces that you would never be able to accept them like the way before. People thought that he was an old rag who has spent his time and was simply jealous of their growth and the success that they have achieved. The grandpa used to sit in the veranda to enjoy the morning sunshine, and it used to be a great fun filled activity for him. He would read him newspaper and if he manages to read it out without any mistakes, he would get a rupee coin as the reward. He was least bothered about the news or the politics or even improving the reading skills and blah-blah, but the charm of having a rupee coin was all so fascinating and he would do anything to get that coin. He never knew that this simple activity would create the most significant impact on his life. This was going to be an impact that he would cherish at times and would want to get rid off at the others. He started to adopt a bizarre habit of reading.




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