Note 1: I swear upon Lord Devil that despite having references from Qur’an this is not about how to be a good or practicing Muslim. Nor this would ask you to offer Prayers or Pay your charity. Relax and Enjoy

Note 2: I intended to write a blog but on the course of writing I realized that it would be an injustice to the topic if I summarize this just for the sake of summarizing. The topic demanded more than just a blog and hence I have opted to write a book on this. Enjoy this prologue.



The Divine Peace

It was not until last night that this verse of Quran revealed its brightest of aspect to me. Like any other Muslim I had heard this famous verse in the Muslim weddings, `؛ وخلقناکم ازواجاAnd We have created everything in pairs’ but it was never to be considered of importance. They said, “If you want to completely ignore something, put it in the syllabus”, well said.

It was just another restless night and the virtual world that I had created as rendezvous for likeminded crazy souls, was as deserted as the soul I bear within. Being bored of being bored is the most boring thing for me. And it was one of those nights when you are actually bored of being bored. Surfing through internet I came across a meme which read, ‘Google is the biggest search engine and it knows the whereabouts of almost everything’. So I searched for Peace as this was the most desirable and dearest thing that was missing in life. Google had so many answers for this single word query. I have always had these two confusions spoiling my life. Either, when I don’t get an answer or when I have more than two answers to choose from.

As I have always been doing in life, I made a random click out of the options displayed on my computer screen and it took me to a discussion forum. It had a question posted by a user which truly represented my situation. The questioner had sought help in acquiring the peace that was missing in his life and the panel experts had responded to him with a detailed answered starting with the Famous Quran verse of “Truly, it is by the Remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest.” [Qur’an, 13.28]”. Unfortunately this only increased my misery as I had been offering my prayers, had not been rigid with his creations, had always tried to be thankful, had been to his house in Mecca and yet I was stranded in search of peace. Something was terribly mistaken about the translation of this verse. It couldn’t be just calling his name that would bring me to peace; it has to be something more than that. Peace for me is like paradise; (or maybe it would only be a paradise because it would give you a divine peace). And things of that caliber don’t come so cheap. It can’t be earned through chanting some holy names (irrespective if it is Om or Allah Ho).

The next weeks to come were very disturbing. I have this annoying habit of keeping my mind focused on something until I get a satisfactory answer for it. At times it is good but at the others it gets terrible. I was in a continuous cycle of thinking, evaluating, discarding and rethinking the probable meaning of that key to divine peace and then it came to me that it might mean that somewhere in the words of God lays the key to divine peace and I have to look beyond this verse and into the complete book.

What happened in this journey, what was the key to divine peace, did I manage to get that? Stay tuned for the book 🙂


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